Charleston, WV Accident Cases: Decoding the Legal Jargon

Deciphering Personal Injury Law Jargon: An Inside Scoop from B. Patrick Agnew PLLC

From tort law to comparative negligence and statute of limitations, legal jargon in personal injury can get confusing. The Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC understands the importance of demystifying the legal jargon in personal injury accidents, more specifically related to Charleston, WV accident cases. This law firm based in Virginia helps clients navigate through the complex maze of personal injury law, fighting tenaciously for their rights.

Unraveling the Terminologies: Personal Injury Law Comprehended

Personal injury law, also known as tort law, revolves around the principle of securing relief for victims who’ve suffered harm from accidents caused by another’s recklessness, negligence, or intentional harm. It involves a multitude of terminologies that might be baffling to anyone not familiar with legal language. Let’s dissect some of these terms commonly found in Charleston, WV accident cases.


A tort in personal injury law refers to a civil wrong resulting in harm or suffering. This harm typically translates into legal liability for the relevant party who committed the tortious act. In Charleston, WV, victims who’ve been wronged by another party’s action or negligence may file a claim to compensate for their suffering or loss.


Negligence is arguably the most common tort. A person is considered negligent when they fail to act with the level of care that an ordinary person would have exercised under similar circumstances leading to the accident. It becomes the responsibility of the plaintiff then, to prove that negligence led to their sufferings.


In the context of personal injury law, ‘damages’ are monetary compensations awarded to victims suffering physical injuries, emotional distress or financial losses due to another’s negligence. Personal injury claims can cover compensatory damages for both tangible (like medical expenses) and intangible losses (like pain and suffering).

Comparative Negligence

In some Charleston, WV accidents, the blame may not wholly lie with one party. This situation calls for the doctrine of comparative negligence to come into play. Every party’s degree of fault is assessed, and the final compensation gets adjusted accordingly.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations refers to the deadline within which one can file a lawsuit. For personal injury cases in Charleston, WV, this period is generally two years from the date of injury.

Plaintiff and Defendant

In personal injury law, the ‘plaintiff’ is the victim who files the lawsuit, while the ‘defendant’ is the party accused of causing the accident.

Jury Trial and Settlement

If the dispute doesn’t get resolved through discussions or mediation, it may proceed to a jury trial where the decision comes through a jury verdict. Often, parties may choose to avoid lengthy and expensive trials by agreeing to a settlement out of court.

On your journey through a Charleston, WV accident claim, the Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC will standby as a navigator, explaining each step, assisting with paperwork, negotiating with insurance companies and going to trial if needed. This law firm’s mission is to make the complicated process feel simpler, fighting for your rights and ensuring your voice is heard.

For further clarity on legal terms and rights, the free legal dictionary provided by offers instructional information on personal injury law jargon and laws.

Your Legal Beacon in the Labyrinth of Personal Injury Law

Even though the legal jargon related to Charleston, WV accident cases might be complex, the Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC strives to ensure that you understand what’s happening every step of the way. Their mission is to assist you in understanding your rights and how the law is working for you, helping you make informed decisions.

Remember that the correct interpretation and understanding of legal terminologies are crucial in crafting a robust personal injury claim. Trust the Law Office of B. Patrick Agnew PLLC to guide you through your personal injury journey in the most efficient and supportive way.

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Patrick McBride
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I was recommended to Patrick by another lawyer, it was the best recommendation I have ever had. I was getting the run around by the workers comp insurance company for months. With in a week of retaining Patrick that changed immediately. He got answers and results that seemed impossible for me to. When you are dealing with Patrick it doesn’t take long to figure out he really does care about your wellbeing and getting you taken care of. You are not just a number to him. He always answers or calls you back, I called him several times late on a Friday left a message to call me Monday not Patrick he called me late Friday. You want find that anywhere. He is always there to answer any questions or concerns you have and happy to do so.He also has a great support staff Jennifer was always so pleasant and helpful. She stayed on top of weekly requirements and anything else I needed help with. Patrick went up against some tough opposition and worked relentlessly to get me a fair settlement. I came to Patrick at my wits end and in the end I feel like things could not have gone any better. Thank you Patrick and Jennifer for all you have done. If you need workers comp help you will not find any better.
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Joyce Brooks
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I will personally recommend anybody to contact this law firm to work with you on any case that’s dealing with and your job. They are so understanding about what you going through and they check on you making sure you are doing well with your Sickness. When I say they take it personally o boy , they will even call on a Sunday. So I tell anyone call this law firm so they can handle all of your Workmancomp cases. I’m so truly satisfied and I really appreciate the law firm of Patrick Agnew. Thanks again guys y’all are the best!!
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Brian Webster
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Great people doing great work here! Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. They're very good at their jobs and worked hard for me. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.
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Steven Taylor
April 20, 2023
I couldn’t be any more pleased with my service from Patrick and his team. From start to finish they stuck through and made sure I was always taken care of. I would definitely recommend their legal services.
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Ethan Long
November 21, 2022
Mr Agnew and his team are very professional and very fast on addressing any issues that you may encounter. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
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Wendy Pauley
November 18, 2022
The warmth, care and concern of both Mr. Agnew and Jennifer put me at ease, and I knew my case was in good hands. Ongoing communication with Jennifer was excellent, timely, professional; and her work was thorough and detailed. I highly recommend this practice..... they go above and beyond for you!
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David Thornton
October 31, 2022
I tried 3 times on my own to get the disability benefits that I deserved and was denied almost immediately each time. I was about to lose my home and fell into major depression and diagnosed having generalized anxiety disorder due to stress. I told myself to try 1 more time. I asked my attorney, who does not specialize in disability cases, who should I contact. He immediately told me to contact B. Patrick Agnew. The firm agreed to take my case. Their paralegal Jennifer Martin was a God send to me. It only took the firm 4 months to help get my benefits approved. If anyone needs a disability attorney, look no further. Make a call and you will not regret it!!!!!

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